Metalis considers in serving our customers exquisite range of quality products with relentless service. Our dedicated crew is constantly providing our exquisite services to our client’s

Metalis is elected as distributor for LENOX band saw blades in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. One of the market precursor LENOX, is recognized for its explicit blade quality with long lasting blade life. It is also termed as “Nothing cuts but LENOX”

Metalis is market leader suppliers in band saw machines & blades. We also deal in our in-house quality band saw machines retailing as “Metalis” from Taiwan “Way Train”. We have designed our series of machines exclusively for our customers those who are looking for basic or proficient cutting or has requirement from small size solid materials, angle cutting or big blocks cutting even profile work piece etc.


Metalis is also the authorized local distributor for Houghton range of semi-synthetic and mineral oil base cutting fluid/coolants designed to give longer sump life and effective cutting. 


Metalis strongly believes in after sales and remarkable services. We devote in establishing a dedicated, skillful and capable technical squad whose responsibility is to handle all machines complications experienced by our esteemed customers. Our sales and technical teams always share helpful tips with our customers guiding them how to maximize cutting efficiency at lowest cost per cutting, this is how they add value in their services. 


Metalis will keep on providing full reconditioning of band saw machines, precautionary maintenance services and periodical servicing.



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